and the nachas keeps coming! Particularly enjoyed the comments at the end of the write-up

      IDF vet turned author teases UK with Mossad alter ego
      A former darling of British anti-Zionists, Seth Freedman mixes memoir with fiction in his provocative new novel
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      • Simon Plosker I used to find his Guardian pieces offensive. Now I’m offended at his dig at my old school UCS.
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      • Daniel Pinner Capitalising on being Jewish by tapping into the wealth, unity, and “isolationaism” of the community, then capitalising on being Jewish again by coming to Israel so that a foreign (i.e. Israeli) government can sort out his self-inflicted screwed-up-ness for him, then capitalising on his British citizenship by coming back to Britain to get away from that failure, then capitalising on his “Jew-and-former-IDF-soldier” status by telling the Guardian (!) how evil the Jewish state & Army are, then capitalising on his viciously anti-Jewish (former) friends by hinting to them that it was all a lie, and still capitalising on his membership in a community that he disparages to all and sundry…this is the sort of person who inspires characters like Fagin. If this novel *is* autobiographical, and if he really *was* hired by the Mossad to write his vicious Israel-hating pieces (which sounds utterly unconvincing), then all this means is that he is also capitalising on what was supposed to have been a mission. Why would anyone trust Mr Freedman?
      • Housn D’espli It’s true, i wouldn’t trust him either – he spent all those years living in Israel and never took the time or effort to shoot even just one unarmed civilian by way of kiddush Hashem. If only he had a maaseh of your moral fibre.
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      • Daniel Pinner What a brilliant, informed, intellectual, and factual comment! I can see that you’ve really studied the issue in tremendous depth.
      • Housn D’espli Thanks for your reply, but can I ask why you’re spending so much time on facebook? You should be out there showing the natives who’s boss – your country needs you. If you can’t beat em, shoot em.
      • Daniel Pinner An even more brilliant, informed, intellectual, and factual response than before. I can see that I’m in a dialogue with a veritable genius. Out of pure intellectual curiosity, I am intrigued to know if you excuse and justify the murderous and genocidal thugs of the PLO and Hamas, and if you have ever actually taken part in any brave heroic freedom fighting against the evil Zionist settlers, or if you just rant and rave at the TV screen when you watch events from a safe distance.
      • Housn D’espli Wouldn’t say we’re in ‘a dialogue’ per se, but maybe that’s what you call a conversation this long in which you haven’t yet resorted to shooting your interlocutor.
      • Housn D’espli And if your ‘pure intellectual curiosity’ about my politics is genuinely in need of piquing, read my books. Very happy to send them to you gratis. Wouldn’t want you to have to spend any money on them when you should be saving up for your next Bushmaster.
      • Daniel Pinner Books? You’ve written books? I’ll tell you what. If you are genuine about that, then send any books you think I ought to read to Daniel Pinner, P.O.Box 2971, Jerusalem 91028, Israel, and I promise I’ll do my best to read them with an honestly open mind. Even though your non-answering of my question, your obscene and outrageous canard that I “haven’t yet resorted to shooting [my] interlocutor”, and your moronic reference to my “next Bushmaster” don’t inspire much confidence in your honesty, your intelligence, or your academic knowledge, I am nevertheless prepared to be surprised. Just one proviso: the only languages I read are Hebrew and English, so ifyour books are in any other language they’ll be wasted on me. And if you send a return address, I’ll also send my response to you. Deal?
      • Housn D’espli Ok, ok, you caught me out. I haven’t really written books. But I do some nice Crayola drawings of Biblical scenes set in modern times, and I found your own heroic struggle a great inspiration for my latest work. It’s provocatively titled ‘If I Had A Hammer’, and depicts a Davidian figure being brutally walked past by an evil Palestinian pedestrian who looks at his bird funny, and depicts the aftermath in a Bayeux Tapestry-esque reel of retribution (both human and Divine). The twist is that the hammer in the title is actually a snub-barrelled Uzi. Makes for a very post-modern challah cloth, if you’d like me to print one up for you.
      • Daniel Pinner It sounds more confused than anything else. What’s it supposed to mean?
      • Daniel Pinner I’ll tell you what. While you take time off burning Jewish settlers in crematoria to answer me, I’ll take time off feeding innocent Palestinian babies to my hungry pet wolf-cubs. So the longer you hold off with your answer, the more Palestinian babies’ lives you’ll save. Deal?
      • Housn D’espli Sure thing. Aim straight, zei gezunt, and don’t drop the soap. ps please can you sign this picture for my wife, she thinks you’re great.

      • Daniel Pinner OK, so now I’m intrigued and confused. Who and what are you really?
      • Housn D’espli I am the marketing director for a new spin-off social media game called Shebaa Farmville, and I’ve been asked to approach you to see if you’ll front our new campaign. I think you’ll really like the game and its layout. It’s a much more hostile and aggressive version of the already-popular original, and if you are interested I’d be happy to send you more details.
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      • Daniel Pinner And is this one genuine, or is it in the same category as the books you’ve written?
      • Housn D’espli I have already apologised for pretending I write books. In truth, all I have written is this article, and am desperately seeking a publisher who might commission a book on the subject: – if you have any (unarmed) influence in the literary world I would greatly appreciate your help. In return I know a man who knows a man who can get CRBs wiped clean. And can file the serial numbers off shotguns.

        The IDF has come under criticism from an unlikely source, having inadvertently wSee more
      • Daniel Pinner Well, even one article published is a start. Here’s one I wrote recently: Any comments?
      • Daniel Pinner Mip? English? Certainly not Hebrew.
      • Housn D’espli I loved your article. Really. Please don’t shoot.
      • Daniel Pinner Sorry, still not getting it…
      • Dina Pinner Daniel and Seth stop it!!! It’s one thing having an annoying older brother I’m actually related to but I didn’t sign up for a younger brother to antagonise him! Now, if you’ll stop squabbling, I’ll read what you both wrote. As for everyone who witnessed this I say again: I can bring peace to the Jewish people, please fund my amuta!! (And Ruthie, thank you, I feel heard!)
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      • Dina Pinner Daniel, you’ve been talking to Seth, he’s written lots of books and I have them all at home. Seth, don’t be a shit to my brother on my wall in public I don’t care how much publicity you’re trying to drum up for your new book! Now say you’re sorry the both of you and promise not to be mentals on my wall again! Thank you!
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      • Daniel Pinner What, is “Housn D’espli” really Seth Freedman?
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