mount killasmash

NEW GAME (531969157) – markolos vs. housndespli(15 0 rated) (win: 9, draw: 1, loss: -8)

markolos: hello

housndespli: hello! how are ye?

housndespli: 🙂 ye like da chess pls?

markolos: I’m fine, thanks, hope you are too. Love chess, play alot

housndespli: thank! how many CHESS have ye pls?

housndespli: ye have more from 4???

markolos: I don’t quite understand your english. How many what?

housndespli: believe da word = CHESS? maybe i not say right, sorro for offend

housndespli: 🙁

markolos: No offense 🙂 Chess is the game, but how many chess? Games? 4000? About right…

markolos: 4 years? More

housndespli: thank! wery thank! is wery nice number!!! more from me!!!

housndespli: which piece ye like da MOST pls?

markolos: Knight

housndespli: thank!

housndespli: ye want hear da FUNNO joke pon da knight??!??!

markolos: sure

housndespli: thank!

housndespli: how many KNIGHT in da house of MYSTERIO?

housndespli: (careful, tricky questio!!!)

markolos: tell me

housndespli: 10!

markolos: I dont get it 🙂

housndespli: because 10 = mysterio = KNIGHT FANDANGI!!! (FROM DA TELEWISIO SHOW!!!)

housndespli: 🙂

markolos: I should watch more TV

housndespli: THANK!

housndespli: ye have 1 jokeo 4 me pls?

markolos: Nope, I forget jokes as soon as I hear them

housndespli: thank!

housndespli: what countro ye from pls?

markolos: You can put your mouse over the flag (next to my nick name)… Croatia

markolos: You’re Israel

housndespli: thank! what mean ‘mouse’ pls? not understando – sorro for offend

markolos: Mouse, in computer terms, the thing you have in your hand, your move it to move the pointer on the screen.

housndespli: thank! wery thank!

housndespli: ye have da questio 4 me pls?

housndespli: pon da CHESS?

housndespli: 😉

markolos: how long do you play?

housndespli: THANK!

housndespli: WERY KIND FOR YE TO SAY!

markolos: You than(s) too much 🙂

housndespli: 🙁 sorro not want YE hate ME

housndespli: ye want 4 hear da joke about da BISJOP?

markolos: pls

housndespli: HOW does da bisjop find da king at end of da game??!

markolos: dunno

housndespli: he ask da PHIZZYPHEAS!!!!

housndespli: HAHAHAHA!!!

markolos: Another TV show?

housndespli: ye!!! PHIZZOPHEAS N DA NATION OF BISJOP!!! ye watch???

markolos: no

markolos: Are you from Jamaica or something? What’s with “ye” and “da”?

housndespli: ye want me send to ye da LINKO 4 da show? pon da internet?

markolos: Nah, I don’t have time for TV shows

housndespli: sorro for offendeth b/cos i from da jamaique

housndespli: ye HATE da jamaiqi?

markolos: No, just asking.

markolos: They talk like that

markolos: Oh, you are…

housndespli: ye want hear da jokeo abt da JAMAIQIANI?

housndespli: IT FUNNO!

markolos: No more TV show jokes pls

housndespli: IT NOT ABT TELEWISION!!!

markolos: If it’s not, go ahead

housndespli: THANK!

housndespli: where doth jamaiqia family go 4 da holiday???

markolos: damn, you and your jokes… I guess North pole

housndespli: thank! wery nice guesso!

housndespli: but answer is MOUNT KILLASMASH!!! 🙂

housndespli: ye get da joeko?

markolos: nope

markolos: kill da who?

housndespli: from da radio programmos ZIGGY KILLASMASH N DA GIRAFFO!

markolos: Oh well..

housndespli: THANK!

housndespli: ye want hear da joeko abt da MOUSE?

markolos: I’m not sure

housndespli: THANK!

markolos: lol

housndespli: WHAT MEAN PLS? ‘LOL’ – it word of da HATE?

housndespli: 🙁

markolos: You are pretending not to know..

housndespli: THANK!

housndespli: WERY!

GAME OVER – markolos vs. housndespli – housndespli won by resignation (+9).

markolos: thank pon da chess

markolos: no hate man


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